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Diesel Oil /Heavy Oil Fired Steam Boiler
Diesel Oil /Heavy Oil Fired Steam Boiler
Diesel Oil /Heavy Oil Fired Steam Boiler
Diesel Oil /Heavy Oil Fired Steam Boiler
Diesel Oil /Heavy Oil Fired Steam Boiler
  • Diesel Oil /Heavy Oil Fired Steam Boiler
  • Diesel Oil /Heavy Oil Fired Steam Boiler
  • Diesel Oil /Heavy Oil Fired Steam Boiler
  • Diesel Oil /Heavy Oil Fired Steam Boiler
  • Diesel Oil /Heavy Oil Fired Steam Boiler

Diesel & Heavy Oil Steam Boiler

  • Model:WNS
  • Capacity:0.5t/h-20t/h
  • Rating  pressure:Up to 2.5Mpa0.4MPa~2.5MPa
  • Fuel:Diesel oil, heavy oil, Waste Oil, etc.
  • Steam temperature:0℃--226℃,etc
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The Diesel/Heavy Oil Steam Boiler can be used for the following business:Chemical plant,Textile plant,Food & Beverage,Garment manufacturing,Paper Plant,Printing and dyeing mill,Cement Plant,Fertilizer plant,Feed mills,Rubber factory.Schools,Hotel,Bath Center,Swimming Pool,Hospital,Hotel,etc.
The most important thing is that our boilers are all tailor-made.They are designed all depending on your business,including on the fuel,capacity,pressure and so on you need.
Following are the diagrams,accessories,valves about the boiler:

Details about the boiler:
1.Fuel:Diesel oil,heavy oil,dual fuel,etc.
2.The steam boiler have horizontal structure,so the thermal efficiency is higher;
3.It has the three returns design, so exhausted smoke temperature is low;
4.Adopted the latest technology, it is designed with a combustion chamber with large volume.It is equipped with a world-known burner,making the combustion more sufficient and ensuring higher efficiency and lower failure rate.
5.It adopts advanced corrugated furnace pipe structure,increasing the heat surface area, and satisfying free expansion of the furnace pipe after heating.
6.It adopts wet back structure with high reliability and low maintenance cost.The wet type flue gas flow and compact structure to prevent the tube plate cracking,Science and calculate the heated area, output assured;
7.It has protective functions of overtemperature, overpressure, water shortage, leakage detection and flameout, ensuring safe and reliable operation.Double pressure gauge, water level gauge, safety valve, double assurance, escort for the safe operation of boiler.

Then,here are the accessories and valves about the Diesel/Heavy Oil Steam Boiler:


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1.Three return design not only improves the thermal efficiency is also very good solve the shell of the boiler heating temperature easy to deformation.
2.Corrugated furnace,and combustion flame length diameter combined with optimization design, prevent erosion surface.
3.Wet back design solved the smoke box after high temperature is easy to burn out;
4.Smoke box before and after the big open design, it is easy to check and repair.
5.The hammer paint coating, anticorrosion, industrial texture;
6.Corrugated furnace - integral forging, radiation heating surface, meet heat free expansion;
7.Turn the built-in smoke room - all wet back structure, decrease the temperature of back sheet, prevent cracking;
8.Threaded pipe - increasing flue gas disturbance, enhanced heat transfer;
9.Double door design, beautiful and easy, convenient maintenance;
10.Sealed, ceramic fiber ring design, repeated use;
11.Pull rod design, increase the intensity of tube plate, to prevent the tube plate cracking;
12.Explosion-proof, explosion-proof door design, reduce the damage of boiler;
13.Three return design - extension of the flue gas flow, heat transfer;
14.Optimization of separation device, reduce the steam humidity, improving steam quality.

Diesel Oil /Heavy Oil Fired Steam Boiler Technology Parameter Table 
Boiler model


Active grate area Thermal 
Weight Dimensions
Light oil 
Heavy oil   Natural gas   Liquid gas   City gas  
t/h MPa Kg/h Kg/h m3/h m3/h m3/h


Ton mm
1 1 20 184 65.5 67.3 84.2 29 176 91 4.3 3561×1690×1910
WNS 2-1.25- Y(Q)
2 1.25 20 194 129.6 132.2 165 57.3 346 92 7.2 4111×1950×2199
3 1.25 20 194 192 195 250 82 510 92.1 8 4330×2248×2564
WNS4-1.25- Y(Q)
4 1.25 20 194 256 261.9 323.6 109 682 93 9.6 4732×2150×2448
WNS5-1.25- Y(Q)
5 1.25 20 194 318 322 386 140 87 93 12.5 5970×2360×2796
WNS6-1.25- Y(Q)
6 1.25 20 194 380 390.6 450 164 1020 93.2 16.5 5500×2600×2990
WNS8-1.25- Y(Q)
8 1.25 105 194 503 517 642 209 1321 93.5 24.8 6450×2800×3200
WNS10-1.25- Y(Q)
10 1.25 105 194 628 643 805 264 1654 93.5 26.8 6800×2900×3394
WNS15-1.25- Y(Q)
15 1.25 105 194 940 965 1182 400 2417 93.5 38 7150×3200×3540
WNS20-1.25- Y(Q)
20 1.25 105 194 1250 1301 1597 520 3299 93.5 55 8200×3400×3826
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